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Born on 18th April 1956 Punjab, India

While still at school started working as a signboard painter in his home town.
Learnt Thangka painting technique from Tibetan Lamas at Dharamshala.

Joined College of Art, Chandigarh for five years diploma in painting.
Joined the group 'Solids' of Chandigarh and exhibited 'White Space' series.

Travelled in rural Punjab and studied folk motifs by sketching and through photography. The paintings based on folk motifs were acquired by the Government Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh.

'Acquisition Exhibition' at Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh. First 'Punjab Lalit Kala Academy Award' for painting 'White Space'.
Joined the art camp organized by the Punjab Lalit Kala Academy, Chandigarh.
Commissioned to paint portraits of soldiers and war-scenes for 'Sapper's Museum' in Roorkee, U.P.

Second 'Punjab Lalit Kala Academy Award' for painting 'Green Dog'.
Landscape and dogs emerge on the canvas as the main images during the period.

While caring for a sick, dying girl who use to play ' Hop-scotch' started drawing various forms of a child playing hop-scotch (pencil on paper) and completed an oil painting on this subject.
Started drawing human figures from bus-stand in Chandigarh ( pencil and waterproof ink on paper)
'Punjab Lalit Kala Academy Award' for painting, for third time in a row.

Shifted to Delhi. Joined an advertising agency as Visualiser.

Joined Lalit Kala Academy's Graphics workshop at Community studios, Garhi, New Delhi.
Did lithographs of bus-stand figures.
Exhibition organized by the group 'Karu' at Baradari, Garhi, New Delhi.

Joined the Crafts Museum at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi as an exhibition-officer.
During this period, got opportunity to interact with master craftsperson of India and to learn from them about their crafts.
Made a short film on Sitadevi, a Madhubani painter.
Commissioned to design a house in Ghaziabad, near Delhi.
Shifted to Ghaziabad.

Started working on paintings (acrylic on canvas) entitled 'Mela' (The Fair).
'Annual Art Exhibition' in Shimla, H.P. and received an award for a painting from the Mela series.

First one man show entitled ' Self Clowns' (pencil and oil drawings on paper) at Triveni Gallery, New Delhi.
Travelled all over India and made films on Ancient Indian Temple architecture, sculpture and paintings.

'14 Artists Drawing Show' figure drawings (pencil on board) held at Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi.

Started working with papier-mache and made 'Heads' in this medium.

'Exhibition of Mini Prints by 26 Artists' at Gallery Roman Rolland,Alliance Francaise de Delhi (etching prints).
Safdar Hashmi memorial show 'Artists Alert' pencil on board at Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi.
'International Biennale of Prints' (etching prints) at Bharat Bhavan,Bhopal,India.
Started working on 'Hop-scotch' series (oils).

Organized a group show 'A Tribute to Vincent van Gogh' on the death centenary of Vincent van Gogh at Lalit Kala Gallery, Chandigarh.
'Art Unlimited' A Tribute to Vincent van Gogh,a group show organized by Vadehra Art Gallery, New Delhi.
Second one man show entitled 'Hop-Scotch' of paintings, gouache, drawings and papier-mache heads at Gallery Espace, New Delhi.

'The Fire' paintings (acrylic on canvas) painted during the Gulf war in the premises of 'Kala Mela' (Art Fair) organized by Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi.

Third one-man show of paintings and drawings of the 'Hop-scotch' series at Jehangir Art Gallery II, Mumbai.
Artist in residency followed by an exhibition of paintings in Phoenix Secondary School, Medley, Shropshire U.K.
Started working on IInd part of 'Hop-scotch' as Kaleidoscope (oil on canvas).

Exhibition of paintings entitled 'M.F. Hussain and Contemporary Indian Artists' in Dubai.
'Images of Struggle and Hope' an exhibition of paintings organized by Jharokha Art Gallery, New Delhi.

Started working on the subject 'Ball of Rags'.
Fourth one man show of drawings (China glass marking on plastic paper) and Installation entitled 'Ball Rags' at Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi.
S'Drawing 94' organized by Gallery Espace, curated by Mr. Prayag Shukla at AIFACS Gallery, New Delhi.
Fifth one man show of drawings and Installation entitled 'Ball of Rags' at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai.

Started working with thick Impasto oils on canvas.
'Emerging Trends' exhibition of paintings, graphics and sculptures at Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi.
Art camp organized by L.V. Prasad Eyes Hospital,C.C.M.B. Hyderabad.
Started working with mineral colors and searching for oriental techniques for painting.
Exhibition of gouache on paper (small format) organized by Gallery Espace.
'International Art Camp' at Puri,Orissa organized by Samilton Hotel, Calcutta.

Camp organized by Bhubaneshwari Kala Sangam, New Delhi.
'Mini prints 96' an exhibition of miniature prints (etchings) organized by Gallery Espace curated by Ms Anupam Sud, at British Council Division, New Delhi.
'Pastels' an exhibition of pastels organized by Art Motif at AIFACS Galleries, New Delhi.
Group show at Surya Gallery, Hyderabad.
Exhibition of gouache on paper (small format) organized by Gallery Espace.
Travelled around in Scandinavian countries, worked in late Paul Jacob Person's studio in Odeshog, Sweden.
Sixth one -man show of tempera paintings at Gallery ' HEDA' Odeshog, Sweden.

'Anniversary Show of Art Works' organized by Surya Gallery at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai and Surya Gallery, Hyderabad.
Seventh one-man show, egg tempera on 'Wasli' paper, miniature format at Surya Gallery, Hyderabad.
Installation 'Shakti' Gallery Art Indus, New Delhi.
'A Tribute to Mother Teresa' gouache on paper, a show organized by Gallery Art Indus, New Delhi.
Exhibition of gouache on paper (small format) organized by Gallery Espace.
Eighth one-man show of Installation entitled 'Shakti' and release of first music cassette 'The Way Of The White Clouds' at Shridharani Gallery ,Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi.

Ninth one man show entitled 'Mid-Night Sun' tempera on Swedish hand made paper, works done in 'Paul's Studio' at Odeshog, Sweden. Exhibited at Gallery Art Indus, New Delhi.
Designed & executed (built) a house for 'Ravi Steels' Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh.
Group show entitled 'Krishna' gouache on paper (small format 8"x8") at Gallery Mirage, New Delhi.
Tenth one man show entitled 'My Village' gouache on paper, maiden show of the Gallery ' Patiala Art World' at Patiala, Punjab.
Group show at C.C.M.B. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.
Married Devangi in December.

Eleventh one man show entitled 'Neti- Neti' (Not this, Not that) gouache on 'Wasli' (a handmade paper ) at the Queen's Gallery, The British Council, New Delhi.
Water color show entitled 'Amrit Sagar' organized by Art Indus at Lalit Kala Galleries, curetted by Ratnottama Sengupta.
Participated in 'Art Access Week-the third' a show organized by Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Mumbai
- The Mask- Group show organized by DhoomiMall art Centre New Delhi. A writ up on Masks contributed entitled "Masks"

Gallery Espace a Group show 'Papier-mâché Pulp'.
Gallery Om 'Water color Show' New Delhi.
Vhai Art Camp In favor of Orissa Cyclone hit people at Konakr at Toshali Sands and exhibition of works at Habitat Center New Delhi. contributed poems as well.
Indian Art Heritage Centre Washington DC group show organized by India With Art.
trawled in USA

14 March birth of baby girl 'Gaurja'.
Cry organized an exhibition of Indian contemporary artist at Dubai at gallery Ramesh to help the deprived children.
VHAI organized an exhibition of art works to help the artisans of Gujarat. Earth Quack relief fund at Habitat Center New Delhi.
ISU International Art Gallery Singapore Kaleidoscope- Contemporary Indian art Exhibition.
Interpretation of Time and Space on Paper, Organized By Mantram art Foundation at Habitat art center Foyer Gallery New Delhi 11-15 October.
Society For Child development Organized Art For Prabhat, Academy of fine` arts New Delhi, 12-21 October.
Gallery Stalwarts - III a show curetted by mr. Jagdish Day and Mr. K. Damodran ,during Doomimal millennium Festival at Collectors Gallery New Delhi. 16- 23 October.
14th one man show entitled 'Silent moments' at Gallery Om New Delhi December 15th-12th January 2002 .

Lipi'-three Artists at Art Today-New delhi, 24 Jan-9 Feb
'Joy of life' at Habitat Visual Arts Gallery organized by Gallery Art Alive, New Delhi , 27 Feb-7th March
Man and Nature' at Gallery Uruswati New Delhi
Half a foot square paintings and sculpture' at Dhoomimal Art Center New Delhi - April-8-April 19
Sanfransisco USA- show organized by Dhoomimal Art Gallery of New Delhi- May-June
'Sixth august' exhibition organized by 'Open space a visual dialogue' at Garhi Gallery, New Delhi
'Navarasa' a show curetted by Ms. Alka Pandefor VHAI, Apparao Galleries
And India Habitat Center for arts New Delhi- 12 August-15 August
Light and Art, exhibition organized by Indian society of lighting engineers curated by Ashas Salon' d' Art, pragati maidan New Delhi 6th september
9 September 2002 - Uruswati Art Gallery Anual Show 6th September 2002 New Delhi.
October-2002 "Argosy" a group show of paintings, organized by Design Art and Gallery espace at Dubai Marine Beach Club Jumeirah, Dubai.
6th august a show in memories of Hiroshima Nagasaki atom bomb tragedy organized by Mr. Umesh Verma at Lalit kala studios Garhi. New Delhi.
impressions of artists of poems of Mr. Ashok Bajpai Lalit kala Studios Garhi New Delhi organized by Mr. Umesh Verma.
A group show of Paintings organized By Art Pilgrim DLF New Delhi.
'Krishna' organized by Gallery Om New Delhi.
November -2002 "Only Connect" a group show organized by Gallery Art Alive at Hyat Regency New Delhi.
December 2002- "Lokraag" a group show curetted by poet and art critic Mr. Pryag Shukla For Art Pilgrim at Visual Art gallery Habitat Center New Delhi.

January - Indo Korea art show in Korea.
February - 'Basant' an exhibition of paintings organized by 'Kalanjali art gallery' New Delhi.
March - 'Hues ' organized by Gallery Om at Rabindera Bhawan New Delhi.
June - Art Camp at Kasouli; Himachal pradesh, organized by Urusvati art Gallery New Delhi.
August - Kasoli art show at Urusvati Art Gallery New Delhi.
'6 August' - annual show organized by Mr. Umesh Verma at Garhi Studios Gallery New Delhi.
August 15 - 'Freedom' a kite show organized by Dhoomimal art centre at Habitat art centre New Delhi.
August - Annual show 'Art Pilgrim' at Rabindra Bhawan New Delhi.
September- 'Reclaiming Lotus' Curetted By Alka Pande and organized by Apparao Galleries at Triveni kala sangam New Delhi.
September - work shop on vegetable and mineral pigments of their source and use at habitat centre lodhi road New Delhi organized by Apparao Galleries.
September - 'Lotus and Architecture' . 'Lotus in Oriental arts' series of lectures organized by Apparao Galleris at Triveny Lecture hall New Delhi.
September 22 - Nehru Center London (UK) 'Panch Tatva' solo show of Paintings organized by 'India with Art'.
Mineral and vegetable Pigments source and use in painting' lecture at Nehru center London during the show.
September - 'Harvest 2003' annual show organized by 'Arushi Art Gallery' New Delhi.
September - 'Ravi Jain Memorial Show ' at Ravi Jain Doomimal International' New Delhi.
October - 'Cultural Ties' Neck ties design based on contemporary paintings by 'Satyapaul' organized by Apparao Galleries in Mumbai and during November in New Delhi.
November - Art camp in Malaysia.
December - Annual art show of 'Gallery Alternative' Gurgaon.
December - Art Absolute’s New Art Gallery opening show.

Started to work on ‘Baraha maha’ text from ‘Shri Guru Granth’.
January - 'Art Pilgrim' Annual show Visual art Gallery Habitat centre Delhi.
April - Nitanjali Gallery.
Art camp Australia.
Alka Pandey Netherland show.
Art Pilgrem-Ratnottama Show Delhi and Colcatta.
Aryan Art Gallery.
Apparao food and Art.
Apparao charity show.
Written a paper on contemporary Punjab Art, World Punjabi conference Punjabi university, Patiala, Punjab .
December - Gallery Ganesha at habitat center.

January - International Triennial Delhi
Art camp organized by Popular prakashan Mumbai in Turkey.
February- Mr. K. Bikram Singh Started to work on Documentary film
‘In search of Color’ on life and work of Sidharth.
April –‘Colors’ a painting show curetted by Ratnottamasen Gupt
Chawla Art Gallery Group Show
May- Group Show Gallery Art Positive
July -Art Pilgrim Annual Group Show
August –Art Camp in Malaysia
December –Gallery Apparao Paintings Group Show Art and Food
Art Camp in Turkey Organized By Popular Prakashan Mumbai

September –Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show
October –Art Camp in Italy
November -Art Camp in Canterbury U.K. Organized By Sehr New Delhi
December – Group Show with Khushi. (NGO)

working on Bara-Maha series for one man show
May–4 May Show in Delhi at Oberoi hotel
Traveling Show in London Gallery Art Pilgrim U.K.
Precipitation Indian Contemporary Art Auction At Sotheby’s Art Auction House London
July-Group Show At Trident Hotel
August – Gallery Art Positive Group Show
September - Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show
October – Group Show at Dhoomimal Art Centre In New Delhi
December – Auction & Exhibition times Of India Group Art

March –Art Camp in Japan
June – Art Camp in Russia
September - Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show
October – Savera Association Group Exhibition at Hotel Lalit
December – Sarina Narula Charity Show For Under Privilege Children In London

Working On the Series The Decorated Cow
April – Participated In Chawla Art Gallery Group Show
Composed Music, Sung And Translated By Sidharth
May till July
- Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show

March – One Man Show The Decorated Cow At Religare Artsi Connaught Place New Delhi
April Gallery Art & Soul Group Show Mumbai (Curetted By Prayagshukla butterflies show)
July - Group Show Sawan At Red Earth (Celebrating Sawan )
August Gallery Group Show Tao Art Gallery (Evolve curated by Mrs kalpana Shah)
September - Dhoomimal Art Gallery Annual Show
October – Group Show Gandhi At Alliance France With Progressive Art Gallery
Art Celebrates Sports and The City Curetted By Rupica Chawla At Lalitkala Academy New Delhi (Gallery Ganesha )
Art Camp In Cambodia Organized By Dhoomimal City Art Gallery
November – Group Show At Gallery Art Positive
Art Fair At Hotel Lalit
December - Started To Write A Book Based On Story From Vishnu Dharmotara Puran

January – India Art Summit Participation with Gallery Ganesha New Delhi
February - Save Tiger A Group Show organized By Polka Art Gallery for WWF Society
A Group Show Organized by Dhoomimal City Art Gallery at India Habitat Centre New Delhi
March - Art Camp At Goa Organized By Popular Prakashan Mumbai and works done during camp show at gallery TAO Mumbai
April – Chawla Art Gallery Annual Group Show
Art positive IMAGINE SAI curated by Shushma Bahl
May – art Bangluru. Painting presented by Gallery Sara Arakkal
Art fair San Francisco, USA paintings presented by Gallery Jain Mauronichi

January – International art fair New delhi
Work presented by three galleries

Gallery art consult – two paintings and two sculptures
Gallery art positive – two paintings and small cow sculptures
Gallery Ganesha  -    two sculptures

Annual exhibition Dhoomimal Art Gallery
February 4th received an honorary D-lit for art and literature from Punjabi University Patiala

Mumbai art fair
Presented by Gallery Sara Arakkal Banglore
Presented by Aura Art
Auction in Pune presented by  Plan India
April - Annual show chawla art Gallery
May - wwwf and galleri religare arts I conservation art show at Taj hotel New Delhi
June - International Art Fair Hogkong presented by gallery Sara Arakkal Banglore
August – an art camp organized by Seher  in Thimphu in Bhutan

Working on a project of a villa in Jay Pee greens golf course Greater Noida since February 2012

January –february – Kathakari a solo show at India Art fair Sponsored by Gallery Art consult and curated by A well known film maker Bobby bedi
India Art Fair– group participation with Gallery Ganesha New Delhi
Nanhi chha (girl child )– group show at Gurgaon oberoi hotel

Project of 8 painting panels for Punj loyed New Delhi
India art fair– presented by Gallery Ganesha New Delhi
lecture demonstration at Punjab Lalit kala akademi Chandigarh
May –june Art Camp in London
Solo show ‘The circle of Light’ at Prakrit Art Gallery Chennai and a book reliese intittled “the circle of light “ written by Johney ML
November– lecture demonstration on techniques and spirituality in art Thangka painting at Buddhist festival “The Inner path” at Alliance Francaise New Delhi
continuous project house interior at Jay pee greens golf course

2015 January– Solo show of first and single painting from the series of “Ganga” project at India Art Fair in collaboration with Art Konsult and Bargad art and culture foundation New Delhi
Group participation with Nvya Art Gallery at India Art Fair New Delhi
Group participation with Gallery Art pilgrim at India Art Fair New Delhi
Amrita shergill Award from Chandigarh lalit kala Akademi


Sidharth Studio A-92
Knowledge Park 2
Greater Noida.
UP. India

E-mail-– artsidharth@gmail.com
Web-– www.sidharthstudio.com

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